War leaves its wounds. Some you can see, but others? Well, they are the ones that break men.

When Will Scarlett encounters a hooded warrior returning from the Crusade little does he know of the trail of violence which is to follow.

For both men, the scars they carry run deep, far deeper than the flesh.

Driven by a mutual loathing of injustice and oppression they embark on a journey which will take them to the edge of the abyss. On that edge Will meets Guy of Gisborne and Guy’s shared history with Robin brings their band of misfits new courage.

Only when the three stand together can they hope to defeat the evil oppression which grips Sherwood under the sword of the ruthless Sheriff of Nottingham.

And only when they stand together will they find a chance to heal those deeper scars. The ones which still tear at the hearts of men who are denied their love. The question is, can they stand together or will ties to the past shatter the Men of Sherwood?

This is a gay romance with a complicated love triangle. There’s no cheating, but the story tugs at their hearts and in this first volume you might not get quite the happy ending we all hope for Will, Robin and Guy.

Trigger Warning – there are references to child abuse, MM rape, MF rape and domestic violence. There’s also self harm in the context of religious flagellation. And some complicated but non-violent D/s. None of the really bad stuff happens ‘on screen’ and trust me, the bad guys will get their comeuppance but the medieval world was a violent place so there’s some graphic fight scenes as well. I hope not to cause any offense or pain to you, the reader. If you need any help with some of the subjects covered in my books there are great resources out there and people do want to listen and help! You are not alone.