Unforbidden – A Queer Collection

Unforbidden is a collection of tales based on the nature love.

Especially the awareness of romantic love between men. This is not a book about sex, your imaginations can take care of that, this is about love. Some are paranormal, some historical, one for my personal hero – Lancelot and others are contemporary fiction.

Anyone can face the challenge of homosexuality, whether a soldier in the SAS or perhaps a man hunting supernatural nasties. Maybe you woke up one day and finally realised the secret you’ve been burying for decades is the very thing that will allow you to live and breathe in honest awareness of who you truly are.

This book is dedicated to you, the men and women who just want to be normal, to be seen as normal. To those who don’t want ‘coming out’ to be a terrifying experience. For it to be accepted. Whether it’s a gladiator or a Norman knight, a musician or a werewolf, let’s enjoy the nature of love together and make it a celebration for all.