Loholt Pendragon is suddenly King of Camelot and the only man who can save Albion by finding Lancelot’s son – Galahad Du Lac. This series of three books covers their story and rounds up the mighty epic that is The Knights of Camelot.

It was a bittersweet experience writing this series. I knew I’d be leaving Albion, leaving the characters to live on inside you, the reader, and it felt odd, difficult and very lonely. Holt and Galahad have complex relationships with each other and those around them. I wanted desperately to do them justice, to live outside the shadows of their fathers but I’m not sure I managed it but it is a whirlwind of action, adventure, love and heartache. You’ll enjoy the ride, I do know that for sure and let’s see if they defeat Albion’s greatest enemy – The Lady of the Lake!