Burrow Mump, a hill so good they named it twice!

Here are some stand alone books ‘what I did write.’

We have my very first novel, The Prophecy, which I loved writing but looking back I could do a better job now. And the second, called Vampire. The opening scene in that one came to me as a dream, I woke up feeling very – happy – which if you’ve read it (and not many have) is a bit strange even for me. Both of these are actually heterosexual – sort of…

Then there is Seelie, which was supposed to be the first in the series, but I ran out of juice for that one, and The Spear – a book about Lancelot’s life which takes place between Betrayal of Lancelot and Curse of Lancelot. It was great fun to write and very self indulgent.

There is also Unforbidden – where I found Charlie – a collection of short stories about falling in love. No sex – just love. I needed some love in my life at the time of writing and I met some great characters.