Shadow Ops

A series of military romance adventures. Big men, with big guns, doing big things in the world.

I love writing these books for lots of reasons and I’m going to share some of them here so, read on if you want to know more, or click on a book and hunt it down.

As you may have noticed I write about violence and war a lot. The Knights of Camelot series isn’t a fluffy read on the whole and neither are these. So, why? Why does a confirmed pacifist study martial arts and write about violence?

Quick answer? I do it to try and understand it. I want to explore and understand the intimate consequences of sending our young men (and women of course) out to fight – to kill – and what that does to the mind, to the heart, to the soul. I want to explore how this separates people from those around them and then I hope I can offer some kind of resolution. A happy ending – at least for my boys.

I can only explore these things in novels and through the vast amount of research I do into everything from PTSD, to which version of which carbine assault rifle does what, despite never handling a real weapon.

I also love messing about geo-politics and writing grand adventures with stunts worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster! Who needs too much reality? I mentally shudder at the thought.

The men in these stories are tough, rough and ready to defend the weak or vulnerable. They are also looking for that one connection they need in order to survive what their world has done to them. They want to fall in love.

I hope this gives you a small glimpse into what I do, and why I write it.

Now, go and explore Shadow Ops and help the boys save the world!

Fortune is a fickle bastard for a soldier, Luke Sinclair knows that more than most.

As a Special Forces Operative he finished his career with an elite British black ops department in Military Intelligence. As tough as it had been, Luke loved his job and his partner, Sam Locke. Sam had once been a US Navy SEAL.

Being a mercenary gives Luke freedom of movement even if he cannot escape his memories.

When their world fell apart, Luke thought he would never see Sam again, until they are recalled to London and sent to Syria. They must transport the one person able to finish tearing them apart. A terrorist who destroyed their lives. Luke and Sam fight to save the world from imminent destruction and fight just as hard for each other.

From the deserts of Syria the men chase a nuclear bomb and weaponised virus through Armenia and into Russia, finding so much more than revenge on the way.

This is a military gay romance with a high death count, torture (not BDSM), and a lot of action.

Mac, a 42 year old veteran of the SAS, is in the Democratic Republic of the Congo learning to live without his closest friend Jacob Hayes after being forced into ‘retirement’.

However, a spat with an African warlord brings the SAS, British Military Intelligence and Jacob back into his life.

Mac soon discovers his enemies are more dangerous than he ever considered possible. While Mac, Jacob and Unit 12, the elite arm of British Military Intelligence, strive to prevent North Korea gaining a WMD of terrifying proportions. They also fall deeper into a global conspiracy set to disrupt the delicate balance of power in the world.

During their battles, Jacob forces Mac to confront the one truth he finds too hard to face alone. Mac’s sexuality is long denied, hidden in the dark by his brutal father before he ever had the chance to understand it. Is Special Forces operative Jacob strong enough to fight for the heart of the man he’s always loved?

This is a military gay romance with a high death count, off-screen torture (not BDSM) and a lot of action. Can be read as a stand-alone.

Workplace bullying can cripple the best of people, but for a soldier, it can be the difference between life and death.

Nick Wilde, an embattled SAS soldier, finds Gabriel Cabrera, a former US Ranger, hanging by his wrists in a terrorist camp in Myanmar.

Their first battle is surviving the jungle when they are abandoned by Nick’s homophobic commanding officer and his team.

Their second battle is to survive Jupiter Section. The blackest of black ops US organisations. The small UK covert group Unit Twelve use the skill and bond of both men to fight and try to bring down Jupiter Section and save both the US and UK governments.

The final battle is how the men survive the aftermath of this conflict and learn to live with the terrible consequences.

An MM military romance with tough men who are broken and reformed by their experiences. Only love can draw them into the future they both crave – a future of peace.