Shadow Ops is a series of gay military romance, each with their own team of ‘boys’ but all working for the central team Unit 12. A covert operations unit within the British Military Intelligence Service. It’s made up – it’s not a real unit – though I do try to stick to military terms, weapons, and training.

I’m not a military expert but I do enjoy research and I do enjoy writing about international politics. I love to take a concept, like altering the genes of a  mosquito to enable it to carry the plague, rather than malaria, and using the bugs as a weapon of mass destruction. A fairly simple concept but inserting it into world politics and ‘abracadabra’ you have a story to write. Then you find the characters able to take on the mission and voila, you have a book!

I really am enjoying writing this series and I hope you enjoy reading it just as much. The next few pages will give you the back of book blurb to tempt you to buy them. I hope you enjoy them as well.