When a series of terrible murders coincide with each waxing and waning moon, DI Falcon Grey is the man charged with finding the perpetrator. He already knows who, or rather what, is killing the young women and how they are being selected. He also knows his young detective constable, Bethan Dar, is about to be targeted and if he can’t stop the evil she will be next.

When Falcon’s ex-lover, Marcus, arrives in London DI Grey knows life is about to become even more dangerous. Somehow he must save both his human partner and his Seelie one from the creature tracking them. He must also avoid the clutches of his sister’s Hunters while continuing to hide his secrets from the people around him.

Maintaining his dual identity as a human detective inspector and inheritor of the Seelie crown has never been easy and when the two worlds collide in an orgy of violence he knows it’s about to become impossible…