The Rock and Roll Mysteries

Come and meet Charlie Carter, the lead guitarist of Witchblade, a band on the cusp of super stardom. Unfortunately for Charlie it all goes tragically wrong.

I love music, I love going to see live bands and I’m a huge supporter of the sheer genius of musical talent. I watch, from the front of a heaving audience as the music weaves a spell over us and pulls us into the world the musician creates. I am truly in awe of this art form.

When I left the worlds of Camelot and Albion behind I lost a part of myself, but Charlie stepped into the void and together we’re creating a new series. He’s a damaged soul (he has to be or he wouldn’t be a good protagonist) and he’s struggling to survive day to day, but he wants redemption and happiness so he keeps fighting. While he’s trying to come to terms with life he becomes a conduit for a ghost, and the ghost wants him to help solve a crime. So this series is both a paranormal thriller and gay romance, by crossing these two popular genres I’m hoping Charlie and I can bring many readers into the world of the Rock and Roll Mysteries.