Passion of Lancelot

When the battle rests, the hearts are laid bare.

Lancelot has destroyed the person who loved him and who brought him back from the dead. Tancred lies broken and Arthur will never release his hold on Lancelot.

But wars have no time for broken hearts and the three men are all that stand between Camelot and the advancing armies in the north. Somehow they must find a way to put the pain of broken love to one side before all is lost under the gathering evil.

They must learn to trust each other once more, if only for one last time. Camelot needs its greatest knights now; there will be time enough for hearts to heal when the battle is done.

If they survive.

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I’ve read your Knights of Camelot and I rate you right up there with Ms. Zimmer-Bradley – Bobby (Ravenheart)

I am a reader in the USA who discovered your books while searching for something new to read. I fell in love and couldn’t put them down. – Lee Hassing