This page is for rescue hounds.

I have two currently living with me, Juno and Sol. They were born in the field next to my house and have endured a lot in the last two years but I’ve finally managed to get them to come live with me and my four fur babies.

Juno is the big one – because Jupiter is the biggest planet and they needed big names to help them survive. He is a true gentleman, though the lead still scares him at the moment, he’s finally accepted he’s safe in the harness. He likes to lead me around by holding my wrist in his mouth and he shows me things to explain what he wants. He’s learning to play with humans and that we’re safe to be around, he’s also learning that two meals a day and a warm bed are better than living feral in a field.

He’s not a barky dog and he’s very self sufficient, but he does need gentle humans to help him become the most amazing companion. He is very loyal despite all his hardships. He’s good with children, cats and other dogs, they are highly socialised in this respect. If you like the thought of giving a home to this gentle giant I can send more information and photos. They can travel all over Europe and the UK.



This cheeky chap is Sol, who has morphed in Soul, because he just melts my heart whenever he looks at me. He and his brother are best friends and spend hours playing together and with my dogs. Sol is part pointer, part podenco, (he had a different dad to Juno) and has moss green eyes. He’s very bright, lively, and really, really, really wants his own humans and his own sofa he can lie on for cuddles. He’s so gentle, not too good with cats but we’re getting there, however he’s good with children and other dogs.

He’s responding very well to basic training and likes to engage with his humans. My podenco Pirate is definitely his girlfriend and they cuddle against each other all the time. I’ve never engaged with a dog who tries so hard to be the best he can be at everything, he is the most willing of hounds.

These two live with us because I promised their mum I would look after them. She died of neglect and over use for breeding. These two are her last puppies and I couldn’t save her but I can save them. Do you want to help? Can you offer them a home? You know where I am if you can.