Robin Hood, Sherwood Forest, the Sheriff of Nottingham… You know the myth but we have a new legend.

The LGBTQ community has many real life heroes. They work in communities, they organise events, they suffer in countries all over the world, everyday, for living their lives.

I have taken another medieval hero, Robin Hood, and given him a new life with Will Scarlett. With all the usual suspects in new roles this is a medieval adventure. No magic, unless you count love; no monsters, unless you count the Sheriff of Nottingham; and no moment to pause as you discover the secrets of Sherwood.

The tale is told by Will, the young minstrel. He and his brother are desperate to rid Nottingham of Philip Marc, the sheriff, who is plundering Sherwood’s poor for taxes. When a hooded man walks into their lives, Will finds himself also fighting for the scarred heart that belongs to Robin Hood.

I realised recently, that our community, the LGBTQ community, has many amazing writers in it, but if we look back beyond the 20th century, we have very few writers telling stories about LGBTQ heroes in myth and legend. We all know why – it was illegal most of the time and many texts have been destroyed. There are a few romance based around Lancelot and King Arthur from the medieval period but very rare fragments remain. In the 21st century we can re-write these tall tales, breathe a rainbow life into them and claim these old heroes for our community as well.

Heroes of myth and legend were created to tell stories that represented different parts of our society. Robin Hood was a warning to the nobles about the consequences of greed. Especially the early versions. When Marion was added, the tales of romance began and she had to remain the maid until rightfully claimed by her one true love – who remained constant to her despite the challenges. There are many other sub-texts going on, I won’t keep babbling about them, but these stories can be claimed by our community as well.

So, welcome to the Men of Sherwood – A Rogue’s Tale and let’s see where the adventure takes us…