War leaves its wounds. Some you can see, but others? Well, they are the ones that break men.

When Will Scarlett encounters a hooded warrior returning from the Crusade little does he know of the trail of violence which is to follow. For both men, the scars they carry run deep, far deeper than the flesh. Driven by a mutual loathing of injustice and oppression they embark on a journey which will take them to the edge of the abyss. On that edge Will meets Guy of Gisborne and Guy’s shared history with Robin brings their band of misfits new courage.

Only when the three stand together can they hope to defeat the evil oppression which grips Sherwood under the sword of the ruthless Sheriff of Nottingham. And only when they stand together will they find a chance to heal those deeper scars. The ones which still tear at the hearts of men who are denied their love. The question is, can they stand together or will ties to the past shatter the Men of Sherwood?

Their trust is broken.

The Men of Sherwood are scattered to the four winds.

Will Scarlett and Guy of Gisborne must escape Nottingham and the noose.

When they find their new life, without Robin Hood and his lies, they are at peace for the first time. Guy’s love for Will makes a rose’s bloom pale in comparison. Guy is gentled by Will’s new found dominance, and Will’s confidence grows under Guy’s care.

Right up to the moment Robin returns.

In the ensuing chaos, Will discovers his anger with Robin is masking something much more painful. When Guy realises the three men are standing on a blade’s edge he makes a decision.

This time they fall not with fear but with hope in their hearts.


The Men of Sherwood series are medieval romances. They are dark and contain just about every trigger warning there is, so please be careful. Stay safe and well.