What is the Grove of the Gods?

Mother Earth is dying and in this place called Annwn, a remote university town somewhere in Britain, there is a sacred grove that needs saving and protecting. It holds the heart of the world. If the old gods can save it, they can save Mother.

The old gods are tired though and want to fade from the world. They come to Annwn for peace not war. That is until they find a reason to live, a reason to love. 

Grove of the Gods are contemporary, urban fantasy gay romance stories interlinked so it is helpful to read them in order but not necessary. Each novel and short story weaves the lives of different characters together, ancient gods and kings, with their child of the soil, their human. Monsters abound, myths are created, sacrifices made, and most importantly, love saves the day.

Mother knows she is dying. Her children of the soil are destroying everything. Oil ripped from her belly. Plastic choking her seas. The children of the wild hunted to destruction. She needs to find a warrior who will help battle for her survival. She turns to the ancient children of the heavens. 

Drake York is fading. He knows it and if he is honest with himself, he welcomes it. The time he has left in the world was to be spent in obscurity; studying, writing all he remembers from his long existence. Until he arrives in Annwn. This small university town holds a secret and it called him across the water. 

Finbarr Wiseman is alone, isolated by the Ajax, who says he loves him. A man who controls his every thought and action. Fin is lonely, scared and exhausted. When Drake arrives at the university Fin’s world goes from grey to technicolour and nothing will ever be the same for either of them. 

Together, with a young sorceress, a professor who used to guard the gates of Hades, and more luck than they deserve, Drake and Fin fight to save Annwn’s grove and each other. 

Trigger Warning: There are a few things that might disturb people sensitive to domestic violence but it’s not graphic and the body count is very low.

The next story will be out in the new year Jan 2021. Arawn’s Story, a novella about a Celtic king and his lost love. Then Hermes’s Story and after that it’s Prometheus’ turn. I have books about Norse gods as well, so watch this space!