Two men, one love, a ghost and the music.

Charlie Carter was a lot of things, a successful rock guitarist and drunk were just two of them but after the tragic death of his lover, he is still trying to piece his life together. So, when Sebastian returns from the dead to ask Charlie for help, he agrees, mostly because he doesn’t want to die – not just yet anyway.

Then he meets police officer Detective Dale Roberts. The confident, unique and driven man forces Charlie to face his personal demons and together they must unravel Sebastian’s demands.

The story of a missing child turns into a hunt for a death cult which is using London’s dark soul to bring forth a banished demon. Charlie must juggle the new love, the dead love, his AA meetings and the passions he either embraces or denies as he’s caught up in the investigation.

This is a gay romance and a paranormal thriller set to bring a great new slant to the traditional detective series.

It is an exciting new novel from the author of the acclaimed Knights of Camelot Series.

Chords for the Dead is… well written and well paced, the narrative voice is strong but also accessible. Whether you love a good romance, a good thriller, or a good ghost story, this should push your buttons.” Claire Ashton –