Albion’s Legacy

“All things must end – surely?”

Loholt Pendragon and his lover, Severus, are doing all they can to save Galahad du Lac from The Lady because he must become the next King of Albion, but whose influence will temper his mind?

Even as the sons of Camelot find a way to join together once again the fate of Albion is sealed. The Lady will not settle for a throne when she can have a world and her plans for Albion send our heroes on a final journey into the darkest heart of the land they have sworn to protect.

Time is their enemy. Their love is an enemy. Holt and Galahad are faced with the brutal truth at last, they must live and die as one or the world will be lost forever.

Albion’s Legacy is the final chapter in the Sons of Camelot series, which follows the next generation of heroes from the hugely successful Knights of Camelot books.