About Me

Welcome to the world of gay romantic adventures that fuel the novels I write. For those who don’t know, I am Sarah Luddington, and I write gay romantic adventure books for readers to enjoy.

That feels a little like an AA meeting introduction but when you specialise in gay romantic adventure books, people can be a little “Oh, really?” and it feels like a confession,  but isn’t that what makes the world go around? A little love. And who can resist a passionate embrace between star-cross lovers?

I’m best known for the Knights of Camelot series. Lancelot and I spent the best part of ten years together and I miss him but after a spell of introspection and some stand alone work, I have found other heroes. There is Will Scarlett, who helps me tell Robin Hood’s story. Sherwood Forest is the perfect place for these two to fall in love but when Will meets with Robin’s old flame, Guy of Gisborne, things take a new twist altogether… I also have my contemporary series, Shadow Ops. Unit 12 and its soldiers have to save the world from unseen threats. Big men, with big guns and even bigger hearts. I love writing these books.

A little about me. I live in southern Spain predominately because it’s a lot cheaper than the UK and being a starving author is not a lot of fun. I rescue as many dogs as possible, while also juggling my day job for my publishing company, who have supported my writing for many years. I have four permanent fur babies and some spares if anyone wants one.

I have a degree in medieval history, three martial arts black belts and a 25 yard swimming certificate somewhere. I am militant about LGBTQ rights and have been for many years.